Fire Protection in Manchester and UK
Fire Protection in Manchester and UK
Fire Protection in Manchester and UK

For a Better Tomorrow,

Protect Your Business Today

For a Better Tomorrow, Protect Your Business Today

We Provide Fire Safety All Over the UK

Established in 2003, Aarhus Fire continues developing and improving rapidly, offering high-quality design, supply, installations, services, and maintenance related to fire protection.
Holding the highest accreditations and certificates, Aarhus Fire remains one of the leading independent specialists in ensuring high-level fire protection.

We offer services not just around Manchester, but also we provide fire protection all over the UK.

We, Aarhus Fire, specialists in the fire protection industry, proudly claim that we are indispensable in ensuring commercial, multi-occupied and high-rise buildings fire safety from head to toe.

Our Services
Our Accreditations

Fire Protection in Manchester and UK

Commercial and Multi-Occupied Buildings
Fire Alarm

We will design, supply and maintenance the correct type of fire alarm for you.

Fire Extinguishers types

We supply the highest quality extinguishers and also provide maintenance.

Emergency Lighting

We provide emergency light installations and maintenance.

VESDA-based smoke detectors

We design, supply, install and maintain one of the best laser-based smoke detectors – VESDA.

Gas suppression system

We are leaders in the installation and maintenance of gas suppression systems.

Dry Riser Systems

We offer comprehensive maintenance services with Dry Riser systems on their premises.

Passive Fire Protection
Compartmentation Drawings

Why do you need compartmentation drawings?

Fire Strategy

Why do you need a fire strategy?

Fire Risk Assessment

According to The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, every responsible person has to conduct a fire risk assessment

Fire Door

Why are fire doors important?

Fire door inspection

Check if you have the right fire door.

Training and Assessments
Fire Safety Training and Assessment

Aarhus Fire has invested heavily in providing businesses with the highest training courses required by The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005.