A Fire Risk Assessment Is an Obligation

The British Law Takes Care of You

Every person who has decided to run their own business – owns a shop, a building, a factory, etc., is obliged by law to assess those endangered by a possible fire.
According to The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, every responsible person has to conduct a fire risk assessment in every building where five or more occupants are present.
Many business owners do not realise that the law thinks precisely of them. For example, if an accidental, devastating fire breaks out, there is no doubt that they are the people responsible for others in their building. Naturally, therefore, they will suffer and regret seeing the losses after a catastrophic fire.

A fire risk assessment now replaces the old fire certificates

A fire risk assessment now replaces the old fire certificates that once had been issued by the fire authority. You can make this assessment yourself, but if you are not confident that you can organise all the dangers, you should use a suitable competent provider certified by a third party for this service.
A specialist can identify all the risks within your premises and let you know about the hazards which cause a peril.
Understanding the risks of potential fire is an indispensable part of a business’s measures above everything else.

Are You in Peril?

Are you adequately protected from fire?

We can provide you with the reassurance of a full risk assessment of your investment. Following the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, there is a requirement to conduct a fire risk assessment in every building where five or more occupants are present.

As it is the responsibility of the landlord, employer, owner of the premises or managing agent to ensure this happens, it should be a priority.

Our qualified risk assessors carry out risk assessments to a high standard. Their reviews provide a truthful reflection of your fire safety protection as we value our customers.

Usually, when performing a risk assessment, the specialist will help you to become aware of the apparent risks of fire within your premises. You will learn valuable things such as:

  • if people are at risk
  • what exactly can cause a fire
  • do you have the necessary measures in case of a fire
  • if your staff should have enough firefighting knowledge
  • do you have enough fire extinguishers, and whether they are placed in the right place
  • if your escape routes are suitable
  • if your fire alarms are suitable
  • if the fire alarm is in the right place
    if there are hazardous materials
  • if you store your materials incorrectly
  • if high-risk areas are protected with detections

Decide whether you want to control the danger

After carefully assessing fire risk in your premises, the competent person will determine and inform you what action is required.
The specialist will also check if you are fully compliant with the current British Standards BS5839:2013 and ready when the authorities come for an inspection.
To be fully fire protected (if you are not), the competent person will make you aware of what you must do. But as a responsible person, you will decide whether you want to reduce the danger and bring it under control or not.