Aarhus Is Protected, so You Are Protected

The company has the following Management Liability Insurance Protection:

Public Liability Insurance £10,000,000 Limit of Indemnity

This policy would cover Aarhus if a client or member of the public claims they have been injured or their property damaged because of our business activities.

Employers Liability Insurance £10,000,000 Limit of Indemnity

This insurance scheme safeguards Aarhus against legal and compensation expenses from employee claims. It’s an essential type of insurance because if one of our employees falls ill or sustains an injury in the context of their work for Aarhus. The health and safety of our employees are of paramount importance, and as an employer, it’s vital we uphold that responsibility.

Professional Indemnity Insurance £1,000,000 Limit of Indemnity

This policy protects Aarhus in the unlikely event a client claims any of our services are inadequate. As a professional business, we take pride in doing great work, but this cover handles the cost of putting things right if disagreements occur.