We design, supply and install VESDA

VESDA-based smoke detectors

VESDA are one of the best laser-based smoke detectors. These detectors work in specialized fire detection applications and have been on the market for 20 years.

VESDA is modern equipment (aspirating smoke detection) that can give you the earliest warning of approaching fire danger. With multi-level alarms of VESDA, the smoke can be detected quickly before the fire spreads, and it becomes impossible to prevent.

VESDA is an aspirating smoke detector that works on the principle of a vacuum cleaner. These devices are mainly used when high smoke sensitivity is required but can be used elsewhere.

VESDA smoke detection is a suitable substitute for conventional smoke detection where access is restricted. It is ideal and works smoothly  in some places where standard detectors are struggling to operate. For example, when temperatures are shallow (-20 degrees), the optical chambers of conventional smoke detectors can freeze and then will not be able to detect the smoke.

VESDA detection is ideal also for high airflow areas such as computer rooms, server rooms etc.

VESDA smoke detectors are suitable for use in ceiling cavities with a depth of more than 800 mm, treated as the area below.

We can also use this advanced technology in elevator shafts, where smoke detection is complex, and regular detectors may not catch the smoke.