Access Control Systems


Access Control

As approved SSAIB security installers, Aarhus Security Ltd offers a broad spectrum of access control solutions that enable you to restrict the flow of people in and out of your buildings whilst still ensuring unobstructed escape in the event of a fire.
Incidents involving unauthorised individuals entering and stealing from business premises during regular working hours are one of the fastest-growing crimes in the UK.

We can also use access control systems to log individuals’ arrival and departure times. Or to enforce restricted access to some buildings or at certain times of the day. Our design engineers can tailor your security access equipment to your needs after understanding your business operations. After that, they pass this information to our installation team, who carry out a first-rate, accredited service throughout the UK. We pride ourselves on flexibility, meaning that we can install and maintain systems by all the top manufacturers.

Your access control system options include:

Electronic tags (activated via ‘swiping’ or proximity)
• Touchpad panels (using security codes)
• Biometrics (eye and fingerprint recognition)

Is the control and monitor access in and out of your premises is becoming more of an issue? 

We can help you and remove this issue.
Aarhus Security Ltd can offer you an Access Control System to suit your requirements, whether you need to control entry to specific areas or safeguard against unauthorised access to sensitive data. Access control offers a solution to control access to certain buildings or areas within buildings. Make your residents and employees feel safe.
Your system could control access and assist you in monitoring your employees ‘Time & Attendance’ and help you with monitoring Health & Safety using an electronic ‘Roll Call’.
We can design and install an Access Control System using the latest Biometric & Proximity technologies or offer you a more straightforward Digital Keypad option. All our systems are scalable and flexible, and very user friendly.

We also can offer you and your premises perimeter protection with a comprehensive range of Vehicle Gate & Barrier options designed & specifically tailored to your needs.
We also offer to maintain new/existing systems and provide an upgrade to your current Access Control Systems.