Installation and Maintenance of Gas Suppression Systems

A gas suppression system can be installed within those vital areas where if a fire was to start it could be extinguished rapidly preventing the devastating loss of equipment.

Which system you choose would be dependant on what you are wanting to protect a suppression system can be designed to protect vital areas such as kitchen equipment, server rooms and data centres, emergency generators and vital power supplies.

Many people believe that a suppression system will remove the oxygen from the area, which although may have been the case of certain system no longer in use it is not the case of a modern inert gas system.

For a fire to combust it will require at least 15% oxygen in the atmosphere, to sustain life we require over 12% oxygen. Therefore calculating the correct amount of extinguishant for a system is vital to balance enough of a reduction in oxygen to extinguish the flame but leaving enough oxygen for occupants that remain in the building to breathe safely.

We can advise you and which system to choose and design your system to provide the protection required and be fully compliant the requirements of your insurance company and British standards.