Why Are Fire Doors Important?

Why Do They Have to Be Checked by Qualified Fire Door Inspector?

You can often hear or read that fire doors are a vital part of your fire protection strategy. However, you may wonder why this kind of entrance could be essential. Precisely what the article below explains.

Fire Doors Are Critical Because:

Fire Doors will come to help you in case of a destroying fire.
They will:

Hold and prisoned the fire in the chamber in which it begins not letting it spread in the other parts of the building;

Protect the people and the property;

Give people a safe way and valuable time to leave the building;

In a word, they will save you and others as well as your property from a complete burning.

Fire doors are a critical component of our fire protection strategy because they can save your business, colleagues and your investments by restricting smoke and flames. In addition, this will allow you and your employees time to evacuate the building safely. 
One correctly installed door can secure and keep the fire for more than 30 minutes. In this way, you will reduce the potential for injury and loss of life.

Incorrectly Installed Fire Doors Can Cause Lethal Losses

A Fire door is an engineered safety device that plays in a passive fire protection plan. Still, to do its job correctly and achieve its function to protect you entirely, it should be the right door for your building and perfectly installed by a competent person. In addition, you should be sure that your door supplier will equip you not just with a door but with a door with all correct compatible components based on the door’s test evidence. 

Choose Fire Doors from Third Party Certificated Suppliers

Third-Party Certification Body assesses if the products manufactured by a company meets the particular requirements and quality. If the supplier meets all compulsory standards, only then do they receive a certificate for their development.
Third-Party Certificated suppliers can give you the best you need and ensure the best passive and active fire protection practices. Therefore, you can be confident that the goods supplied and installed are fit for purpose.
Third-party certification is the single way to guarantee that a particular standard produces fire doors that fit precisely the purpose for which they are created. This is the simplest way we will be sure that indeed they will save lives and property.

Here You Can Watch a Video to Understand Functuonality of Fire Doors

Fire Doors are the Ignored Lions of Fire Safety

We do not realise, understand and appreciate the importance and value of the fire doors. We usually see them just as gadgets that we use for entrance. We do not realise that if one day the worst happens, they will come to our aid and protect us before the rescue arrives. They will protect us and be our priceless shield and guard when the cruel evil starts to throw their deadly arrows.

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Aarhus Approved Inspectors Can Help You and Guide You trough All Necessary Processes

Although it is true that a fire door, which is manufactured with quality and has the necessary standards, lasts longer, the benefits of its regular inspection cannot be disputed. For this reason, periodic review of the doors by professionals contributes to its longevity.

Fire Doors Can Worn Out During the Time

To carry out a complete functionality and save your life in need, fire doors – one of the largest evacuation units of buildings, must be healthy and regularly carried out fire checks by a competent person.
For your and other safety, you should also be sure that the door you bought meets the requirements and will protect you throughout a hostile, destructive fire.

Why is it important to check the fire door regularly?

Like anything in this world, nothing lasts forever. As we are getting old and ill sometimes, the product also can wear out during the time. Just like us, fire doors also sometimes may need a “doctor”. They also may require an inspection, maintenance, or repair, even if it is never used.

Whether used for public or private purposes, fire doors in buildings must be inspected periodically following fire regulations. Taking the necessary precautions based on the faults caused by these controls, carrying out repairs and rectifying defects will preserve the door’s functionality.

There is a common misconception that fire door inspectors measure only gaps

There is a common misconception that fire door inspectors measure gaps around doors and spend a while looking at the damage and merely report what they see. The truth is that a fire door inspector is a qualified, competent person trained to look beyond the prominent. They will carefully audit your fire door and installation concerning its engineered design and, based on test evidence, will confirm how effective your entry will be in a fire situation.

Why is it important to check the fire door regularly?

Aarhus Fire possesses fire door inspectors and offers an approved inspection to sign off compliant fire engineered fire doors.
We offer a service to undertake fire door inspections of existing fire door stocks to prepare the client for a full F.D.I.S. inspection.
Existing fire doors can appear fully compliant sometimes, they do not meet the requirements, or they are worn out and will not protect you during a fire, but you are not aware of that.
Our inspectors had often witnessed and continue to detect cases when the door bought as a fire door is just an ordinary door because it is not designed to reduce the spread of fire and reduce the effects of fire or not fitted correctly. The owner does not even know about it. But if something happens, they are those who will go behind the iron bars.
An expert in the field must regularly inspect the fire doors in your building. Thus, thanks to regular inspections, the fire door will always remain functionally ready.

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What Our Fire Door Inspectors check?

An expert in the field must regularly inspect the fire doors in your building. Thus, thanks to regular inspections, the fire door will always remain functionally ready.

Our qualified inspector will make sure if your fire door protects you in case of fire 

They will check:

– if your fire door is designed and fitted correctly
– if the self-closing function of the fire door works
– if the fitted fingers and locks are correct
– the condition of the hinges to see if there are any conditions, such as rust or wear.
– the door generally meets the necessary conditions
– if there are gaps around the door and frame
– etc.

All these aspects are vital and should work properly so if the impossible happens, it can protect you fully, not letting you go bankrupt or to prison and, most importantly, stay alive. To prevent the worst, you must organise inspections periodically and check if everything with your fire doors is perfect for ensuring that it will work on the day needed.

Take a Competent Instruction from Aarhus Fire's Competent Inspectors

Often when the Aarhus Fire Protection inspector audits fire doors, they come across entrances that look the same. Still, after an inspection, it turns out that only some of them meet the requirements and the rest have problems such as tight gaps, incorrectly fitted seals, etc. A trained and approved inspector such as ours in Aarhus Fire can easily find, explain, and give you competent instruction about what to do further so you can save yourself during an unexpected fire.
The style and layout of a fire door inspection report are subject to compliant requirements. Unfortunately, not all fire door inspections meet the current conditions. Aarhus Fire inspection will show the weaknesses of your silent guard. So, if you one day came face to face with one of the most devastating disasters, it will be able to protect you and give you a chance to survive.