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Established in 2003, Aarhus is continuing to develop rapidly

Certified training on all elements of Advanced/Hochiki and many more manufacturers’ products

All sizes of projects undertaken

Fire Door Inspection & Certification

Fire Strategy Implementation & Guidance

3rd Parts Accredited and Audited

Nationwide coverage

100’s of successful projects Completed with Advanced/Hochiki and other manufacturers’ products

Site surveys, risk assessments, system designs, installation, maintenance

Official Advanced/Hochiki Fire Systems partners

The Best Fire Protection Company
We Are One of the Leaders in the Fire Protection and Security Industry

About Us

After many years working as a head manager in the same industry, Gary Wilcox decided to start working for himself. In 2003 he established Aarhus Fire Protection and became Executive director at his own company.
Day by day, step by step, working tirelessly, Gary began to realise his dream – to be one of the leaders in the field of Fire Protection.
Thankfully for his fabulous flair and tremendous talent, he collected the best team he needed in one place. With his energetic and inexhaustible team and his accomplishment gained over the years, Aarhus Fire Protection achieved the highest standards in the Fire Safety industry.
Now, the company is proud to offer the best products and services at the highest British standards all over the country.
With wise leaders such as Gary Wilcox (Executive Director with over 35 years of experience) and Tony Hartley (Managing Director with over 30 years of experience), the energetic team of Aarhus Fire Protection realised uncountable successful projects. They worked tirelessly, following the rules of the British Government, and developed and led the company among the top of the best Fire Protection providers.
We have worked and have implemented fire protection to large companies in the UK such as ITV, Peel Holdings, Bruntwood and many other significant operations. But also, as an independent company, we offer the same high-quality service to the small individual companies.  

We Are

Qualified to Check If Your Business Complies With the Fire Door Safety Regulations?

Aarhus Fire is one of the few fire door inspectors in the UK that can help you find out if your fire door is ultimately and fully protecting you. This is very important because fire doors are among the crucial components to help you survive a fire. Many people think that the inspector's job is to measure the gaps around doors and other related things, but honestly, they are wrong because the truth is quite different.

Do you have the right fire door that will protect your property in case of fire?

Precisely here is where the inspectors come to the rescue. They are the ones who will inspect and tell you exactly whether your door will protect you in case of fire or everything you own will burn to the ground until firefighters arrive. They will tell you precisely what to improve and fix if you come one day face to face with the evil disaster that does not forgive.

Choosing fire doors can be very difficult. But we must bet on a quality shield that will be the irreplaceable guard to protect us when a destroying fire occurs. Therefore, when choosing doors, make sure they are certificated under a third-party certification scheme.

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Get To Know Us

Our Management Team

Executive Director

Gary Wilcox

The Business guru. With over 35 years of experience in the industry, Gary is the man with his finger on the pulse and eye on the purse strings. He is always there where he needs to be to control and guide the business. He is always there to support, supervise and help his incredible team find the most suitable direction.
Gary’s lasting influence in the industry proves his ability to not only grasp the complex details of the market but also to predict trends and grab new opportunities. He keeps a close watch on current developments, staying ahead of the competition and making sure the business not only does well but also continues to set the pace in its field.

Managing Director

Tony Hartley​

With more than 30 years of business management experience, Tony is the right hand of the company’s owner. He is the all-seeing eye, the eagle, who controls everything at the company. He monitors, controls, but if necessary, also aids his people.
His plans related to the business are constantly invented, taking into account even the most minor details.
He wants everything to be done most perfectly so that our customers are always satisfied.
Responsible for the overall daily work of the company, Tony leaves work always last, only after making sure that all tasks for the day are solved without problems.

Operations and Technical Manager

Ian Ball​

Ian joined us nine years ago. He is responsible for the technical part of the work in the company. With his 20 years of experience in fire safety, Ian makes the customers happy with his incredible designs. At the same time, he successfully controls and manages the company’s maintenance, installation and commissioning process.
Ian has completed projects for prominent companies such as NHS, MHS and multiple councils, including Oldham and Trafford.

Service Supervisor

Lee Parkinson

Lee came through the company via our apprentice scheme. He started his career with us, working alongside engineers. Lee developed himself and soon began to get excellent reviews for his firm and precise work step by step. The company immediately appreciated his efforts and success, and he got his promotion with a credit.
Now, with 12 years of experience, Lee is one of our qualified Service Supervisor conducting his installation team of engineers.

Fire Alarm Surveyor

Luke Wilcox

Luke has over 14 years of experience in the fire industry. He joined our united family straight from school as an apprentice engineer; Luke later became our Fire Alarm Surveyor.
Like other executives at Aarhus Fire, he has his team of Junior Surveyors. 
Luke’s training and qualifications enable him to be able to give the correct and necessary advice and quotations to all our customers.

Office manager

Gary Wilcox (Junior)

Gary (Junior) hurries forward and follows in his father’s footsteps.
While improving his knowledge in fire protection and security, Gary is engaged in organizing the work related to the administrative part of the company. He makes sure that every Aarhus employee gets what he needs to do his job correctly. In addition to being a good office manager, Gary is radiant, always smiling and constantly caring for all his colleagues.

The Help Desk team

Jane Collins – Accounts

Charlotte Wilcox Extinguisher coordinator

David Hardman Just happy to help

An urgent responsive email should be sent to response@aarhusfire.co.uk

Fire Door Adviser

Tony Hartley​

Our engineers

We employ dedicated engineers for each discipline which include:

Fire alarm systems installation
Fire alarm systems servicing
Extinguishers supply and servicing
Security and CCTV systems installation
Security and CCTV systems servicing